Global Recruitment Services

,ACS is an international recruiting and IT Service Provider company. Established in the year 2011, it has placed itself at the highest pile of the state. All the professionals working here are highly expert in their stream. Main aim of this company is to provide the best outcome to its customer. ACS is well suited for all types of industries. It is a place where the candidates and companies can get concerted opportunities. Let’s explicate our services:

Bulk and individual recruitment: Companies who want to hire candidates in bulk can get the best suitable candidates here.
Customized HR recruitment and Solutions: It conducts customized recruitment for human resource executives.
Campus Interviews: Due to its outstanding nationwide contacts, it is easy to conduct successful campus interview throughout the country.
Global Recruitment: We believe in expanding the network, Hence we having business partners from different geographic thus we provide services to the global market.
Payroll services: Payroll services are coming very soon. Maintenance of all payroll records is going to be easy for a company now.
Remote Employee: We help to our International clients to hire Remote skilled employees as well provide them infrastructure and make sure to give them best options to save cost and get excellent outcomes.
Full Time and Part time jobs: Many web and software developers could not find suitable jobs. Similarly, top IT companies could not recruit a perfect IT professional for their company. This service will provide better options to both. The companies will get full time and part time professionals and so as the candidates.
Opportunities to hire Freelancers: It has been observed that many companies are hiring the freelancer for short term projects. ACS is coming with a service that will concentrate to provide best freelancers in any IT Skills.
Setup Development Center: We help to our International clients to set up the offices in INDIA and provide them best services in terms of skilled employee, Registration process, setup infrastructure etc..

Opportunities are knocking at ACS. Come and grab it.

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